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About us

Why « Blue Choice » ?

Among the families of scenarios exposed by the latest IPCC report, the worst-case scenario, in red, takes us towards +5°C. This is the “RCP 8.5”. The scenario that is compatible with a world below +2°C is called “RCP2.6” and is shown in dark blue.
Our offer consists in helping your company to project itself into “a world that decides to stay below 2°C” for all your strategic decisions. In short, we suggest that you “choose the blue scenario”.

The Climate Fresk

The Climate Fresk is a workshop based on the IPCC reports that raises awareness of climate change in a scientific and collaborative way.

Faced with the climate emergency, everyone must learn the scientific basis of climate change in order to understand the situation, decipher the information, form an opinion, act quickly and collectively accept the changes to be made.

The workshop lasts 3 hours in 2 parts :

  • The Climate Fresk: Place the 42 cards in order from causes to consequences
  • Debriefing: Reflect upon the levers of action

A facilitator can lead a group of 21 people maximum for a face-to-face session, or 7 people for an online session.

Cédric Ringenbach


Cédric Ringenbach is the author of the Climate Fresk, a workshop he created in 2015 and that he decided to disseminate as widely as possible afterwards. He co-founded the Climate Fresk association in 2018, which he has voluntarily presided ever since. In order to provide the association with a stable and solid business model, he transferred the user rights to it.