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Our offers consist in helping your company to project itself in “a world that decides to remain below +2°C ” for all your strategic decisions. In short, we suggest that you “choose the blue scenario”.

Climate Fresk workshops

We facilitate Climate Fresk workshops for companies face-to-face or remotely thanks to our team and network of professional facilitators, all accredited by the Climate Fresk association.

Climate Fresk facilitation training

We train your future facilitators so that you can organize workshops in your company autonomously. We offer one-day training sessions, including a first part dedicated to facilitation techniques, and a second part focused on the debriefing and its adaptation to the company’s issues.

The training can take place :

  • Face-to-face in your own company or online, to train up to 15 people at the same time : contact us for more information!
  • Online, during an inter-company session in English organized by the association, if you have a smaller number of people to train: registration and additional information can be found on this form.

Climate Fresk workshop for Management teams

If your Executive Committee or Management Board want to discover the Climate Fresk or test the tool for a large-scale deployment in your company, Cédric Ringenbach, the creator of the workshop, is available to run a session for you.

Large-scale Climate Fresk rollout

Instead of having all of your workshops facilitated by external facilitators, our objective is to deploy the Climate Fresk on a large scale by guiding you towards autonomy: we offer train-the-trainer sessions, coaching for your new in-house facilitators and customization of the debrief part to address your company’s issues in the best way possible.


Cédric Ringenbach regularly intervenes in companies as a speaker, in order to mobilize the employees and the executives for a greater involvement in the climate and energy strategy.

Consulting services

We offer to help you implement a carbon strategy in your company. Our approach is quite pragmatic : we want you to think about the evolution of your business model in a decarbonizing world, and about the mobilization required in terms of lobbying to make this world happen.